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There is a poplar belief, that house burglaries increase over the festive season. Regardless of the season it is always a good idea to keep your home secure, not just over the festive season.

As an established locksmith in Belfast I can help you evaluate how secure is your home. As an essential business you can reach out anytime if you need any locksmith services.

Here are a few simple things, that you can do to ensure your house is safe and you can sleep soundly at night.

1.Make your physical security your top priority Make doors and windows secure by installing functional locks on them. Invest in the best quality locks that you your budget allows.

In some cases it’s worth your while to install security grills, which will stop any intruders breaking the windows or doors.

Make sure your home is safe outside, too. Keep all your side gates and doors locked and functional. This will prevent you from becoming a target to unwanted guests.

2.Use Security Lights. Install lights with sensors, that will come on automatically . The come really useful in the garden, so intruders can not come in unnoticed.

Motion sensor light can be bought in almost any hardware store and they are a simple and affordable way to increase the security of your house.

3.Hide temptations away from windows and doors. Keep any valuable possessions away from where they can be easily spotted from the outside.

Avoid displaying expensive things and when you are not in the house keep your blinds and curtains closed. This additional simple habit will keep unwanted guests at bay.

4. Rely on a mechanical security rather than smart locks. Before you spend money and install a modern smart security system in your home do as much research as possible. Unfortunately some of the newest technology comes with many down sides and it is a vey high price to pay.

Some of these home security system also require a monthly subscription and their repair in some cases will cost a lot more than paying a locksmith to replace your locks.

The festive season is upon us and with further restrictions coming along a lot of families will remain at home. This might be a good time to improve the security in your home and ensure the safety of your family in the future.

If you are looking for a reliable and local service in Belfast feel free to get in touch. If you need my service during the Christmas and New Year call me on my mobile or via Facebook Messenger and I will get back to you ASAP.

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Social media platforms have literally changed the world of communications and business in countless ways.

It has made it possible to connect with people, to keep up to date with events and to occasionally suffer from oversharing anxiety.

One of the drawbacks of social media is that if you are not careful with the information you post you can be putting yourself and your home in danger.

Burglars can learn a lot about you by reading your status, checked in places, and pictures. They can know :

  • Where you live
  • What you own
  • When you are not home
  • Where your next vacation is

It may be hard to believe but posting a simple picture of your new Christmas gift on Facebook can put you at risk.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind now, during the festive season.

These tips are relevant all year round and with them in mind you can continue using the social platforms without exposing yourself and your home to unnecessary risks.

1.Checking in in Real Time

Social media websites such as Facebook have special check-in features that allow you to tell your followers where you are and what you are doing. Whether you’re at a shopping centre, hotel, restaurant, or any other place, by checking in, you reveal your location.

This can be dangerous and can let burglars know you are away from home.

2.Share pictures of expensive items

Never share pictures of expensive items on social media.

 Of course it’s fun showing off expensive items, but is it worth risking your family’s and home’s security? You may simply be tempting a burglar.

3.Sharing a room layout

Sharing pictures that show your home’s interior can be dangerous. This can let burglars easily find out what your home looks like, how the furniture is arranged, and what valuables are inside.

Having a picture of your home’s interior can let a burglar plan a route for breaking-in.

4.Sharing your traveling plans

It’s exciting telling everyone on Facebook about your traveling plans.

But the risks that come with this shouldn’t be ignored.

Apart from your friends, burglars may also be reading your status updates and vacation countdowns, waiting for you to leave so they can make their move.

Extra tip. Do this right now.

Every social media website offer users control over who can see their statuses, pictures, and other social media activities.

You can limit your statuses and updates to a limited audience instead of going public.

By following these steps you can avoid becoming a target to unwanted intruders.

First Step: Locksmith Entry Training

A person aspiring to become a locksmith must undergo some kind of formal training. This will give them the basic skill sets required to succeed in the career field. This training may be found through certificate and diploma programs both in brick and mortar schools and online. The training given will teach the new locksmith the proper way to pick many different locks and the repair of residential and commercial buildings. The educational process includes an understanding of the mechanics of locks and the installation of security locks. Paths of study may also include training in automotive locksmithing and courses of study regarding the legal and business aspects of locksmithing. 

As in other career fields, the area of locksmithing offers apprenticeships wherein a new locksmith may spend time on the job with a master locksmith learning the trade. Apprenticeships are most often unpaid but the skills learned are profoundly valuable and important to “setting the learing in concrete.” 

The amount of time needed for adequate training can vary from a minimum of three months or as long as three years depending on the certificate or diploma to be awarded. The complexity and sophistication of the area of locksmithing being studied will also determine the amount of time needed for proficiency. 

Step 2: Get Some Work Experience

Getting a master locksmith to allow you to learn the craft may seem daunting at first. However, many locksmiths began just as you might be starting and will be understanding of your need for initial experiences. So, ask around, navigate the marketplace and network until you find someone who will give you a go. Consider hiring on as a helping hand at first and as you gain the trust of your fellow collegues and the boss, you may find yourself gaining valuable time on the job. 

Always remember your locksmithing craft is a necessary part of the culture and an integral sector of the marketplace requiring a constant rejuvenation of the locksmith workforce. 

Step 3: Earn a Locksmith License

Many districts require a locksmith to be licensed by local authorities. The purpose here is to protect the consumer and keep the professional standards for the career high. Licensing requirement vary but most will require an application, a background check, possibly fingerprints and a monetary fee. It will be important to consult with your local locksmith associations or government agencies to make yourself aware of local expectations. 

Step 4: Continuing Education Credits

Continuing your educational learning is not a licensing or credentialing requirement, but is necessary if you want to stay up to date with current knowledge in the field. Every field has continuing education units (CEU) that are available for learning. Doctors, lawyers and counselors all know that they must keep their knowledge base current if they are to remain an asset to the field. The same applies to locksmithing. Locks change, security systems change and the way these mechanical and electronic devices are installed, maintained and repaired require a constant upgrade or upload of new information. 

Locksmith associations, manufacturers and schools all offer continuing educational credits for locksmiths to stay current. You may also gradually expand your areas of expertise as you grow in the field. Should you want to increase the initials behind your name, you will need to continue study over time. 

Step 5: Earn Professional Certification

There are many levels and kinds of professional certifications available for locksmiths to earn. There are exams to take and many differnet study guides available for these tests. The study is worth it as any locksmith who is professionally certified will stand out above and beyond one that is not. Some of the categories of certifications may be Registered Locksmith (RL), Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL), Certified Professional Locksmith (CPL), and Certified Master Locksmith (CML). 

Step 6: Become Part of a Professional Organization

A professional locksmithing organization has many benefits. Membership in this kind of professional fraternity will introduce you to like minded individuals who will enhance your knowledge base and skill level. The organization you join may have conventions to attend where you will find the latest technologies and systems within locksmithing. You will also be exposed to professional journals and magazines that will offer other learning experiences and exposure to the latest tools for locksmithing. 

Professional organizations may also provide legislative representation at government levels that will allow you to directly impact the creation of policies governing the career. You may also have access to licensing, bonding and insurance programs that are more affordable. All of these exposures will serve to increase your customer base and grow your business. 

Do Your Best As A Professional

As in other careers, the steps taken to earn a credential and the work needed to keep that credential are respected by the general public. Earning your career title as a certified locksmith is important for your career and your personal self esteem. Knowing you are professioinally credentialed and have complied with all necessary laws will give you the personal power to work with the public in a safe, knowledgeable and professional capacity. 

When you are confident you not only know your career but are credentialed by all necessary entities, then you can feel satisfied knowing you are providing your customers with an unparalleled service. 

My name is Mark. I am a licensed and professional locksmith. Let me know how I can help by calling 07866 522422. 

Why Garage Doors?

Locksmiths are concerned with the locks placed inside doors. They concern themselves with all the locks that are used in your home. Houses have many kinds of doors. There are front and back doors, doors to attics, doors to outlying buildings and in this case we focus on the concerns related to probably the biggest door in your house…the garage door.

That garage door goes up and down countless times during its lifetime and understanding some of the things it needs to maintain its ability to enclose your garage is important and will save you money in the long run.

We like to install things and let them do what they do for us. However, the garage door will require certain maintenance procedures over time. Here are some tips to keep it operating in a suitable manner.

The garage door is the most often used door and is the largest one as well. Keeping it in good shape will leave you confident that area of the home is secure.

Keep An Eye On It

Inspect the door as you come and go. Every now and then when you are entering or exiting the garage give the door a good looking over. Notice if there are any odd sounds being emitted from parts that may have come loose or fasteners that have lost their ability to hold over time.

Don’t wait until a disaster happens like the garage door getting stuck when you are tired and just want to get inside the garage. If you have a maintenance plan with the installer of the door, then by all means take advantage of that. If you did not purchase a maintenance plan, then getting your local locksmith involved is your next option.

Inspect the Locks

Burglars will attempt to gain access through the garage either entering the windows or tampering with the garage door locking mechanism. The lock in the garage door is a critical component that can keep evil doers from gaining access to your home and meaningful possessions. Because garage doors can be around for decades, the locks inside them will begin showing the use and replacing them from time to time is a good idea. These locks may also be easily broken so special consideration must be given them over time.

Check with the supplier or manufacturer of your garage door before purchasing a new lock. Consult with your local locksmith to learn about the latest developments in this area of home security. You will be surprised what has happened in this area!

Tighten Up Things

If you open the garage door in the morning to get out and open it again in the afternoon or evening to get back in…..and if we consider there are 365 days in a year….365 x 2 =730 times per year at a minimum the door goes up and down in its tracks. If you add in the times you just open the garage door during the week to retrieve a tool, do some handiwork or clean the area then you have a door that may well be opening and closing over 1000 times in one year.

Each of those openings and closings create a situation where nuts, bolts, fasteners and pulleys may become loose. Keeping these kinds of things tightened will ensure the door is working at peak levels and not becoming a safety hazard for the members of your family. Breakage at inopportune times is limited if all moving parts are tightened according to the manufacturer’s standards.

Check the Cables

If your garage door contains cables, chains or wires of any kind you will want to inspect them for fraying, dents, and potential breakage points. It is often beyond the scope and experience of a homeowner to know exactly what can produce a break in a cable. Call your local locksmith and let him take a look at the situation. They have experience with various metals and cables. They will be able to recommend correct thicknesses and tensile strength to keep your door safe.

Lubrication is Necessary

You will want to purchase a lubricant of good quality. Again, consult with the manufacturer or your local locksmith to see what kind of lubricant is recommended. Some possibilities will be WD-40 Specialist, 3 in 1 Garage Door Lubricant, Lubrimatic Lithium Grease, 3 in 1 Silicone, and 3 in 1 mineral multipurpose oil.

A good rule of thumb is to lubricate at least every 3 months. This will go a long way in keeping all the parts operating smoothly and decrease the number of faulty, mechanical breakdowns over the lifespan of the door.

Keep it Clean

Keeping anything clean does several things. A clean mechanical part can be inspected precisely and determinations made related to length of life and possible replacement. If an item is clean of debris, dirt and grime then it will operate more smoothly and last longer. A clean garage door adds to the aesthetics of your home. Rust and rotting can be prevented if garage doors are kept clean.



Belfast Locksmith Garage Door Services

Some of the services offered by locksmiths related to garage doors include;

+Creating new keys for garages

+Overhead garage door repair of locks

+Reprogramming garage door transponders and remotes

+Repair or replacement of keypad locks

It has been determined that over 70% of homeowners enter their home through the garage area. This places an even more profound importance on keeping these locks in top shape.

Some of the kinds of locks used in and around the garage area include;

T-Handle Locks: This lock is operated by a handle shaped like the letter “T.” There is a cable system attached by two bolts that are released with the “T” handle is turned.

Slide Locks: This lock is also known as a latch lock and uses a latch that slides from the garage door into a hole inside the track.

J Arm Locks: Most every modern garage door comes with this pre-installed. An operator arm can be locked when the door is closed. This device ensures the door cannot be opened.

Electronic Locks: The market is full with various electronic locks. They can be operated from computers and cell phones from remote locations.

Think of your garage area as important as any other area of your home. Employ the services of a local locksmith. The technician can help you keep your garage area secure and operating in a safe way. Locksmiths can also recommend which lock is appropriate for your situation.

At we will inspect your garage door and the associated hardware. We want your home safe and suggesting appropriate locks will be part of the inspection.


Contact Mark at 07866522422

or email

We look forward to serving you!





Door Chain Locks

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At the risk of insulting your intelligence, it is important to know that a chain is a serial assembly of connected pieces that are commonly called links. A chain is usually made of metal but can be made of bamboo, rope and wire. It is usually flexible and a length of linear material that can bear up under tension and hold a load.

The links within a chain are usually fixed in dimensions and shaped in such a way that tension can be placed throughout the length of the link and consequently the entire chain itself.

Chains may be used for a variety of purposes.

They may be used for decoration such as a piece of jewelry, a chain of office worn around the neck and upper torso, decoration for clothing, and may be mounted on a backing. Chains may also be used for the transfer of power such as timing chains in automobiles, chainsaws, bicycles, chain drives, and chain pumps. The ball and chain has long been a form or restraint and chains have been used for security purposes. Chains may also be used for traction and pulling. Some weapons in military applications were made of chains.


Mechanical locks appeared in the human experience about six thousand years ago in Egypt. They were made of wood and consisted of a wooden post affixed to a door and a horizontal bolt that slid into the post.

The English are credited with forging and creating the first metal locks.

Door Chain Locks

A door chain is also known as a security chain or a security door chain. It is a small chain attached to a door frame that is then attached to a track for security. They are usually not the primary lock on the door but are used in conjunction with keyed locks and dead bolts to add an extra degree of security.

A door chain lock allows a person to open the door slightly without unlocking the door. It is also possible to communicate with the person outside the door before allowing them entry. Small packages, letters or notes may also be passed through the door opening.

Door chain locks are easy to install requiring a screwdriver and possibly a drill gun for the drilling of pilot holes. If there are any downsides to door chain locks it is the fact that they are usually installed with short screws that can be pulled out of wooden frames. Another potential negative about this kind of lock and chain mechanism is that it is usually a small chain that require some degree of manipulation by human hands to use. The elderly or anyone with a central nervous system disorder causing tremors may find it difficult to place the end of the chain in the track. In regard to the track, it is straight and it is not hard to separate the chain from the track. Door chains may also be broken if forced and torque are applied appropriately.

Sometimes the best option is to go with a door bar that gives you a U-shaped bar that attaches to a hinge and a knob on the door. A door bar is easier to use for any physically challenged person and are more sturdy than a chain.

Consult with your locksmith to determine which is best for your situation.

If you decide you want to use a door chain lock and want to tackle the job of installation, here are some steps to take.

1. Go to a hardware store or your local big box store and see what they have. You might want to read about this device on the internet before shopping for it or you can consult with your locksmith to see what you need to purchase. Do yourself a favor and choose a door chain lock that comes with a template.

2. Get the tools you need. This will be a good drill with a bit that is smaller than the size of the screws. You will want to have a correctly sized screwdriver to get the screws down into your wooden door frame.

3. Remove the template from the packaging and tape it to the spot you want to place the door chain lock. You will want to place the lock approximately 3 to 6 inches above the deadbolt or the same distance above the door handle.

4. Using the template make the marks where the door chain lock will go. After making the marks, the template may be set aside.

5. Pre-drill the holes for the screws that came in the package. Drill the holes keeping the drill completely vertical and at right angles to the surface of the door. This will ensure maximum hold as the screws will be as deep as possible in the wood.

6. Now you can attach the lock plate using the screws supplied.

7. The next step is to tape the chain mount template to the wall. It should be positioned just outside the door frame and should line up with the lock plate.

8. Mark this template as you did before with the lock plate template.

9. Pre-drill the holes for the chain mount.

10. Use the screws provided and screw in the chain mount.

Try your work. Attach the chain to the straight slot and see if it holds. Check your handywork and make sure you are convinced it will all hold correctly and in a secure fashion. The door should not open more than an inch.

mark burns belfast

As always, if you are not comfortable with this kind of installation or if you have any other security concerns, feel free to contact me.

I’m Mark and I can be reached at 07866522422

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Broken Key Extraction

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The Broken Key Event


So, there you are. You hurried everyone up and the family is waiting on you in the car. You reach for the bundle of keys in your pocket and locate the key to the front door. You push it into the lock, twist it and BAM! The key breaks off inside the lock and your left with the business end of the situation and a whole lot of regret for being in such a hurry.


You’ll have to do something if the family is going to get to their beds tonight. The key hole is filled with the remains of your key and in your hand is a useless piece of metal.


First Things First

Try to think about what just happened and why it happened. A lock and key can be delicate things and they are intended to be used with care. Always insert a key into a lock with a slow and precise movement of the hand. Allow the key to go in without forcing it. Don’t force the tip of the key against the depth of the keyhole, but allow it to gently come to a stop.


This kind of situation can feel like an emergency and it does cause some stress. Your first instinct will be to call a locksmith and that is fine. Locksmiths can retrieve broken keys and have you back in your home in no time.


If you are one of those “Do it yourself,” then here are some tips for you to handle the situation.


Make an assessment regarding how much of the key is in the keyhole. You might be able to extract the broken key part. You can either pull or rake it out. Locksmiths use specialized tools to accomplish this, but you might have something such as a scroll saw blade or a jig saw blade that may do the job. If you can get the broken bits out, then all you have to do is locate your spare key or have one made and you are back in business!


Don’t despair. Call forth that “can do” attitude and you will soon be laughing about the whole experience.


Vertical Keyhole Position

Take note of how much of the key is in the lock and how much is in your hand. Important Tip: If the key has broken in the middle and the part in your hand also includes some of the shaft or “key cuts,” then the lock is still aligned vertically allowing you to move parts in and out. If you are only holding the head of the key in your hand, then you probably turned the key toward a horizontal position as it was breaking. To correct this position, you can insert a screwdriver into the key hole and turn it back to a vertical position.


Lubrication Helps

Get some penetrating oil, WD40 or any household oil and get it into the keyhole. If your lock has been stiff or difficult to operate lately, then adding the oil will serve also to lubricate the tumblers for ease of future use. You can also get some graphite and add it to the inner workings of the lock. Graphite is a crystalline form of carbon and acts as a lubricant in high friction circumstances.


Household Tools

You may attempt to use a pair of “needle-nosed” pliers. Your goal is the grasp the broken parts on each side equally. There may be room inside the keyhole and their may not. Insert the tip of the pliers in the keyhole and try to grip the broken key. If all of the shaft of the key is broken inside the keyhole, then there will be some cuts for you to try to grab. Of course, if only a few centimeters are left in the lock, then you may not be able to retrieve anything.


You may also try to retrieve the broken bits by using the blade of a scroll saw or jig saw. You will want to insert the blade into the keyhole with the teeth pointing downward. Push the blade into the keyhole until you feel or hear the blade grap one of the cuts in the shaft of the key. Gently but firmly pull the blade out of the keyhole and very possibly the broken section will appear.


One of the first things folks like to use in a situation like this are the tweezers. You will want to make sure the tweezers you are going to use will both fit the keyhole and be able to get around the bits that are stuck. Most homeowners find the thickness of the tweezers does nothing but make the situation worse by pushing the broken part deeper into the lock. Watch for this and avoid it if you can. Tweezers may work if a bit of the broken key is sticking out.

Super glue will work in certain situations. If you can see the broken section of the key and can touch it with a straight object such as a match or small rod, then very possibly you can be successful with this product. Place a drop of the glue on a wire or match and touch the part you can see. Be careful not to let any blue drop into the lock as this will either glue the broken key shaft to the lock or glue the inner workings of the lock together.

You might try tapping the cylinder of the lock. If the key is broken inside a door, then you will have to remove the locking mechanism from the door. This action only works if you are able to face the lock downward toward the ground. While the lock is faced downward you will strike the lock with a hammer. You must ensure the lock is held tightly and does not move when struck. The goal here is the make the lock immovable so that the shock of the hammer blows will assist gravity to make the key fall out. Unfortunately, this use of a hammer may also cause structural damage to the lock requiring the purchase of a whole new lock for the door.

List of Handy Items for This Task

  1. Bobby Pin
  2. Paper Clip
  3. Safety Pin
  4. Metal Hair Clip
  5. Button Pin
  6. Swiss Army Knife
  7. Jig Saw Blade
  8. Scroll Saw Blade
  9. Super Glue
  10. Graphite
  11. Penetrating Oil
  12. Match
  13. Small Wire


Locksmiths have some well developed tools to get this job done. Key extractor tools have been around for a good while and a good locksmith can have you back in your house in no time at all. Give it your best shot and if you just can’t get that pesky piece of a key out, then call a professional and let them do what they do.

mark burns belfast

I’m Mark and I’ve been removing broken key bits for years.

Give me a call at 07866522422 or email me at

Broken Key Extraction







Emergency does not come invited. Everyone can have an emergency at any hour. But, the most frustrating and the most irritating are those emergencies in which you have to rely on anyone else to help you. You certainly feel helpless and have no option than to contact other people.

A similar situation arises when you get locked out of your home, office or car or lose your keys of the car, house or a drawer. You have to call somebody else to help you, even if it is your family member or a friend. Nobody wants to bother anyone but unfortunately, you seek help from other people in such kind of alarming situations, especially when you have a threat to your life and your valuable assets.

Instead of bothering your friends and your family, you can simply rely on paid lock services to assist you and to get you out of the alarming situation. In this way, you never bother anyone and you get professional help too. Almost every region has 24-hour emergency locksmiths. Emergency locksmiths are far better than the regular locksmiths as they are available throughout the day and can provide technical help even late at night.

If you are living in Belfast, you would at least forget your car or house keys somewhere as life in Belfast is very busy. Every day, you have to keep up with your busy schedule. In the busy routine, anybody can forget or misplace the house or car keys. That’s when you need a 24-hour emergency locksmith in Belfast. 24 hour Belfast locksmith services are easy to avail, even if you are anywhere in Belfast.  If there’s one thing I like about living there, it is the 24-hour emergency locksmiths in Belfast.

humps for 600 yards road sign

The 24 hour Belfast locksmith services are very prompt and provide quick assistance and solution to your problem. Moreover, it is very easy to find a professional 24-hour emergency locksmith in Belfast. You just have to look for a professional one and half of your problem is solved already. However, many people cannot determine between a professional emergency locksmith and an unprofessional emergency locksmith. An unprofessional emergency locksmith can pose damage to your property or valuable assets. That is why it is important to hire a professional and trustworthy locksmith in Belfast.

Here are some tips, that can help you to find a professional 24-hour emergency locksmith in Belfast:



Always choose the 24 hour Belfast locksmiths that are highly recommended. Make sure that the emergency locksmith has a good reputation. If you are hesitant to trust its capability, make sure to inquire about him through the company he is associated with. Moreover, your emergency locksmith should possess the skills to unlock the door, not to break into your house.

The best way to choose a professional 24-hour emergency locksmith in Belfast is to take recommendations from your friends and family. Always hire a 24 hour Belfast locksmith who has a good reputation in your social circle. Do not trust a new emergency locksmith with your valuable assets.


It is useless to hire a professional 24-hour emergency locksmith in Belfast who lives far away from your region or area. No one wants to wait for long hours outside his house only because he left the house keys outside. Choose the professional 24-hour emergency locksmiths who are close or in the proximity of your region.

Emergency locksmiths are live near can come up as fast as they can. They can resolve your problem within minutes. But if, the emergency locksmith whom your hired lives far away, you will have to wait for many hours before your house door gets unlocked. Always choose the 24 hour Belfast locksmith services that are within your region or near you.



Although most of the professional 24 hour Belfast locksmiths are licensed you should double-check their license. It is better to hire licensed lock services than to trust a locksmith without any license. A licensed emergency locksmith makes more sense. You can trust him with your house and your car.

Take some time to check your locksmith’s license. Check if it’s valid. Also, look if he has some sort of complaints filed against him. This will take some time but it will definitely solve your problem in a smooth way.


A professional locksmith is also an insured one. Choose an insured 24-hour emergency locksmith in Belfast to safeguard your property. When the 24 hours Belfast locksmiths render lock services, many things can go wrong. The locksmith can get hurt, your lock can be broken, your property can be damaged. It is important to anticipate the potential risks of hiring a locksmith.  If a locksmith is insured, you won’t have to worry about your door or your car getting damaged.

If a locksmith makes a mistake and is not insured, you would be liable to pay for the extra damage. That is why it is good to go with an insured locksmith. Moreover, the worker must have compensation insurance as well. You won’t be paying anything if the worker gets hurt in your house.


Moreover, choose a professional 24-hour emergency locksmith that’s in your financial reach. Many professional emergency locksmiths charge a lot. It is better to call them and ask them about their quote estimate so that you can have an idea about the fee that they are going to charge.

You may also need emergency locksmith services when you are low on cash or financially unstable. That is why always choose a 24 hour Belfast locksmith services that are within your financial reach. There are countless budget-friendly locksmith services across Belfast. But of course, their charges depend upon the kind of the emergency. If your emergency is big, you will be charged a pretty penny for sure.


Professional 24 hour emergency locksmith in Belfast are easy to find and everybody can hire them by keeping a note of these simple tips. It is always better to choose professional locksmiths as they are more reliable, experienced, licensed and can tackle the situations smoothly. They provide more technical assistance to you than any of your family member or friend can provide.




The first guy or gal to open a car back in the day, most likely threw a rock through the window. As things advanced and vehicles became motor driven and were designed with glass enclosures a new tool came into existence. They called it a brick and it was very effective in creating an access to the inside of the vehicle!

Somewhere around the 1930s when the coat hanger was becoming widespread, people began to sort out how they could use it to get inside cars. The metal hanger could be unfolded and pushed into the inside of the door. A hook fashioned at the end of the coat hanger got the job done. It was effective as long as the person was patient and didn’t over extend the ability of the hanger to keep its shape. The hanger also had a tendency to damage the rubber weather-stripping in the door.

Around the beginning of the 1950s, the Slim Jim was created. It’s actual origin is somewhat cloudy and the locksmith stories abound about how it actually came about. But, nevertheless it began to catch on and locksmiths along with the general public saw its practical use as important.

The original Slim Jims were designed and intended to push down or pull up something called the “lazy pawl” which is connected to the back of the door lock cylinder. Here is a picture of the “pawl.”



The strategy here is to insert the Slim Jim in line with the lock cylinder. When the “lazy pawl” was contacted and based on its design, one either pushed down or pulled up on the “pawl.”

After this, the pawls began to be made in a fixed position. This required that Slim Jims be redesigned. They had now to be bent to an approximate 35 degrees about 8” from the tip. This bent design was used to access a vertical rod. At this point, we begin to see the action typically associated with a Slim Jim. That of sending it vertically down and into the car door directly below the top button head of the locking mechanism.

After this, automobile engineers began redesigning doors to make the inside of cars more silent and access by thieves more complicated. This is when horizontal lock/unlock linkage systems came into use. The use of the Slim Jim changed. It was now necessary to insert it at the very middle of the door and angle it backwards toward the rear of the door. The lock could be opened by lifting up or going down on the horizontal lock/unlock rod.

In the 1980s, locking mechanisms changed yet again. At this point, more insulation was placed between the driver and the outside of the door. In addition, engineers created lining systems that moved with cable locking mechanisms. There were not many moving parts in this kind of system and the design necessitated the creation of what we now know as a Multi-Car Opening Tool (MCOT). That design looks like this.

multi car opening tool






This multi tool can be used in a variety of ways and with many different automobiles. Once this tool is inserted into the door you may either depress the power lock button, depress the manual lock/unlock button, or manipulate the inside pull handle. Many redesigns of the MOCT have taken place over the years as car design changed.

As the 90s and 2000s rolled around, the inside locking mechanisms became so sophisticated the Long Reach tool had to be created. The tool is inserted just like previous versions, but is intended to manipulate the lock/unlock button, lock lever, vertical button or the pull handle. You may also retrieve keys with this Long Reach tool. It is pictured here.

long reach unlock tool

There is a tool that has been around for a good while that can still be used in cars that do not have electric locks. It’s called a Slim Jim and is also known as a lockout tool. It’s a strip of metal made of spring steel about 60 cm long and 2-4 cm wide. The first company to manufacture this amazing strip of metal was HPC Inc.

You can use this thing on your car when you are stranded. The long metal works on the levers and rods inside the door of your car instead of the locking mechanism. You just place one end of the metal between the car window and the rubber seal. Your goal is to catch the rods connecting the inner workings of the locking mechanicals. If you are patient and can reach the rods, you can move the rods which will move the portion of the lock you see through the window.

slim jim

You must be careful with a Slim Jim. If it is used incorrectly, this tool may alter the locking mechanism in the car door. If you are new to this device, make sure you consult with a locksmith and get the proper training for its use.

Here is a brief and beginning, step by step instruction for the use of a Slim Jim.

  1. Go to the passenger side of the car. You will be attempting to unlock this side of the car.

  2. Insert a wedge between the window and the weather stripping. You may purchase a rubber wedge from a hardware store.

  3. Slide the Slim Jim into the space created by the wedge. Your goal is to find a horizontally directed bar that runs across the inside of the door. Using the hook portion of the rod, attempt to move this bar.

  4. Observe the lock inside the window and see if it moves.

  5. You will either push down or pull up based on the model of the vehicle.

You see, it is actually very simple in terms of actual steps to take. The most difficult part, of course is finding the correct bar or rod to move. This may require several trial and error attempts. Just keep your eye on the visible portion of the lock inside the window. When you see it jiggle or move upward, you are on the right track.

Here is a video that will allow you to see the process in action.

If you don’t happen to have a Slim Jim handy when you are locked out, you may also use the windshield wipers as a Slim Jim.

Take a look at this…

Remember, if you, a loved one or a friend get locked out of your car and you don’t have one of these tools, you can always call me. I’m Mark and you can reach me by completing the contact form on this website or

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Telephone Number 07866522422


Famous Locksmiths

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Famous Locksmiths

The Famous Ones

Did you know that locksmiths have never wanted to be famous? The very nature of locksmith is that they know something that nobody else knows and are in possession of a set of skills that no one else has mastered. Locksmiths like to keep a low profile and have done so for centuries. The skill set they hone to a striking point is one that the average citizen neither has or cares to have. Here in the 21st century, locksmith still has that air of secrecy about it, but we have become interested in knowing who is providing the service.

If you can’t name some locksmiths from history, it is no major surprise. The very famous locksmiths who became well known for their skills started as purveyors of entertainment to the public by opening seemingly impossible locks made of wood, stone, brass, rope, and leather. The method by which they would either loose themselves or gain entry was kept a secret and the general public went away stunned, confused, and amazed with the skill and showmanship of the locksmith on stage.

Robert Barron

Consider Robert Barron, an Englishman made famous by improving the security of a lock by creating the double tumbler. He did not have the advantage of computers, technology, or electronic means to increase this level of security in locks. He did so by the power of his mind and the work of his hands to create a device that would be viewed as an 18th century masterpiece.

locksmiths belfast

The lever tumbler lock is a lock that uses levers to stop the bolt from moving. The tumbler is lifted to a certain height which allows it to slide past the tumblers. The number of levers vary depending on the level of security needed. Locks with levers use a bitten key that is either singular or double. These can be found in southern and eastern Europe in doors, barns, and other types of buildings.




Jeremiah Chubb

In 1818, Jeremiah Chubb received a patent for the detector lock. The Chubb detector lock is a variation of the lever lock and has as its major goal to detect and prevent picking by others who would gain entry for less than honorable purposes. This detector lock is also fitted with a relocker which serves to stop entry attempts and gives an indication that entry has been attempted.

The brilliant part of this kind of lock is that when someone attempts entry, it is designed to jam in a locked state until a regulator or original key is used to turn it in a different way. When the owner of the lock finds it in this state, it is a clear indication that the lock has been tampered with. Further, when the lock is tampered with the picker is faced with the added problem of having to reset the detector mechanism to attempt another entry. This level of complexity slows down the entry process significantly and often exceeds the skill level of the person attempting entry. This kind of lock remained unpick-able for 33 years and came into existence after a government sponsored competition.


King Louis XVI

Louis XVI,  the King of France was also an accomplished and famous locksmith.

During that era, children were encouraged to pursue both liberal arts interests and interests in practical matters. King Louis-Auguste was influenced by his parents to pursue the science of locksmiths and as a result the king became quite proficient at design, implementation and entry into locks.






Harry Houdini

Just the mention of this man’s name conjures up memories of consummate entertainment and masterful skill in escapology. His fame continues into this century and he remains the quintessential locksmith and escape artist that modern entertainers seek to emulate.

In regard to locksmiths, Houdini started learning these skills at an early age. Born Erik Weisz in 1874 and hailing from Hungary, he started as a vaudeville and circus performer. Originally known as “Harry Handcuff Houdini,” who challenged police departments all over Europe to contain him. His skill set included the use of ropes, hanging from skyscrapers, straitjackets, chains, being buried alive and holding his breath for long periods of time while submerged in water or milk!



Mark in Belfast

Moving now all the way into the 21st century we find an equally skillful and famous locksmith set to make his own mark in the emergency locksmith service field. With over 20 years experience with a variety of locks and providing prompt service to the Northern Ireland public, Mark is ready, willing, and able to provide you 24 hour locksmith services.

mark burns belfast

Some of his areas of expertise include locks repair, key cutting, locks changing, locks fitting, car key service and 24 hour service. His work is always done with a smile and friendly demeanor. His name may not be written in the locksmith hall of fame as others have been, but his level of locks mastery is on par with any previous centuries famous locksmith.

Mark is devoted to constantly learning about technologies and techniques for both gaining entry through locks, preventing others from gaining entry, and providing the public with a variety of services needed in the 21st century. His career enjoys a history of famous and dedicated professionals of locksmithing and Mark is no exception.

You may contact Mark and engage him for locksmiths services by navigating to


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Needing A 24 Hour Belfast Locksmith’s

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