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7 Reasons Why Your Car Key is Refusing to Work

One thing virtually all car owners have experienced is their car keys refusing to work. Imagine you are rushing out to work and you are unable to unlock your car or start it. You check what the problem is only to realize that your car key has stopped working. While you are locked out of your car trying to figure out what the cause of the problem is, you should also be thinking of the auto locksmith Belfast that you can call. The truth is, we have all been there, and it is a pain that we all share. To make this problem less of a problem, we will be looking at some reasons why your car key may not work.

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First off, if your car key is broken or if it breaks inside the lock, these reasons do not apply to you. Your problem is different, and you should reach out to an auto locksmith Belfast to check it out for you.

Is your lock damaged?

If, when you try to unlock your car, the car refuses to open, the problem might be with your car lock. If your car is a fairly recent model, you probably will never have this kind of issue as most new cars come with keyless entry remotes and key fobs. But if your car is an older model that requires opening the door with the key, this issue is quite possible. The lock gets spoilt over time after constant use, and in this case, the internal mechanism of your car lock may have worn down. Sometimes, it may be dirt or dust clogging up the lock, and all you have to do is clean the lock. In more extreme cases, an external collision could damage your car lock as well. The bottom line is if your car refuses to open, try and figure out whether the problem is with your lock.

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Is your key damaged?

If your car lock is not damaged, it is possible the key is damaged. A damaged key does not necessarily have to be a key that is broken into pieces. Your car key has grooves embedded on it which must correspond with the internal mechanism of your car lock or the ignition. If these grooves or any other element on the key have gone through some wear and tear, that key will not work. So, you need to pay attention to your key and if you do not know what to look for, an auto locksmith Belfast can take a look at your keys and give you a report on its current state.

Damaged Ignition Cylinder

The way it is possible for the internal mechanism of your car lock to be damaged, it is also possible for the internal mechanism or cylinder of the car ignition to be faulty if the car refuses to start. Get an auto locksmith Belfast to check it out for you as this is not something you can check by yourself.

Are your key fob batteries worn out?

If you drive a modern car that uses a Key fob or keyless entry remote, it is possible your key batteries have run out of juice. It is normal for batteries to run out after a certain period of use. This is a common issue, and it has a simple solution. Find new batteries and replace the old batteries with the new ones. You should be good to go afterward.

Is your Key Fob or Keyless Entry Remote Damaged Internally?

After replacing the batteries, if your keyless entry remote still does not unlock your car, then you have a much serious problem on your hands. The key fob works on the principle of communication between a transmitter and receiver. If any or both of these components are damaged, the car key will not work. The damage could be caused by frayed wires, dropping the key or even moisture. You need to have the key fob checked so you can ascertain what exactly is the problem with it. 

Is the key programmed?

This is another issue that may prevent you from being able to unlock your car. Usually, there is no need to pair traditional keys, but for transponder keys and keyless entry remotes, they have to be paired with the car for them to work. This hardly happens with keys that come with the car originally; it is more common with people who get duplicate car keys or replace their car key remotes. The new key has to be programmed to work with your car, and this fact is one that most people forget. An auto locksmith Belfast can do this.

Did you get aftermarket car keys?

When people are looking to replace their car keys, they go for cheaper options known as aftermarket car keys. Aftermarket car keys are usually not designed for your specific car model and brand, or they may not be fully programmed to work for your car. So, you may need to do some additional work on the key so it can be paired with your vehicle. If you buy an aftermarket key, do make sure all the programming and pairing work is done on it to avoid any future headaches.


Your car is useless without its key and if your car key refuses to work on a particular day, your activities for that day may be hampered. The points above are the most common reasons why your car key may not be working to either unlock or start your car. So, take your time to digest them keep them in mind and should you ever find yourself in such a situation, you would be able to do the necessary checks on your car’s components. And of course, to solve any car keys or lock problem in Belfast, you should not hesitate to get in touch with an auto locksmith Belfast to check it out for you instead of tampering with things and potentially causing further damage. You can get in touch with 24-hour Emergency Locksmith Belfast by calling 078 6652 2422.

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Car Key Repairs Belfast

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Is your car key broken or damaged? Find out how to get Car Key Repairs Done In Belfast.

Having issues with your car keys will surely get you rattled a bit, and it is hard not to conclude or fear that your key is permanently damaged. Fortunately, there are some key problems that car key repairs Belfast can get fixed for you. You will not have to go through the stress of a car key replacement. As long as you do not try to force things, your car key should be back up in no time. Some of these issues include;

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Your car key is worn out.

Your car key got stuck in the ignition.

You are unable to start your car.

Your car key’s transponder chip is damaged or broken.

The key fob is damaged or broken.

Other than these issues, when going for car key repairs Belfast, you should make sure your Belfast locksmith can repair the following keys;

Standard car keys

Key fob Remote

Transponder keys

Motorcycle key

Van and Truck Keys, etc.

Even though there is a massive shift towards the use of electronic keys as technology is advancing, your car key repair locksmith will have to offer key programming as part of their services so they can deliver the best service to you. Imagine you have a car which is a recent model, and the key is faulty; then the locksmith is unable to fix it for you. Such a bummer, right? 24-hour Belfast Locksmith is a fully certified and well-trained locksmith that specializes in Car Key Repairs Belfast.

What are the common car key problems and how to fix them?

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Broken Key in the lock

A lot of car owners who have experienced this problem usually worsen the situation by pushing the broken part of the key further deeper into the lock. Some, who try to remove the broken segment out of the lock often end up damaging the entire locking mechanism. They would have prevented this if they had called a professional locksmith in the first place.

The job of a car key repairs Belfast specialist is to find solutions to things like this rather than escalating an already existing problem. Therefore, since you are not a professional, it is advised that you leave the problem for a specialist to fix. The task is a delicate one, and this is the more reason why you should contact a car key repairs Belfast Locksmith who specializes in the removal of broken keys. This way, you can be sure that the service you are receiving is a quality service.

Key won’t turn or is stuck in the Ignition.

Picture this; you want to drive out, you get into your car, insert the key into the ignition, and the key does not turn. You try to remove the key, but it does not budge either. Don’t sweat it, call a locksmith 

immediately so they can diagnose the problem. If it is a key problem, you might have to cut and reprogram another, but if it is an ignition problem, the ignition may need to be repaired or replaced depending on how damaged it is. Overall, this is not something beyond the skillset of a car key repairs Belfast specialist.

How to remove a broken car key out of the ignition

Of course, not everybody will have the patience to wait for a locksmith to come around to remove the broken key for them. There are some steps you can follow if you are confident you can pull this off.

First, clear off any form of obstruction from the lock. You can use compressed air to do this. Using spray cleaners can damage the ignition because of the harsh chemicals they contain.

Insert the key fragment that is with you back into the lock so it can join the other fragment inside the lock.

Slide straightened paperclips or stiff wire along both sides of the key. You have to bend the end of the straightened paperclips so that they can hold the broken fragment in place.

Keep the wire or straightened paperclip in the ignition then pull out the upper key fragment slowly.

Keep the fragment in-between the wires and pull out carefully.

How to remove a broken car key out of the door lock

Like the process of removing a broken car key from the ignition, you can remove a broken car key from the door lock as well. You should, however, note that you have to be careful and must know how to do this or else you might damage your car lock in the process.

Remove the broken upper part of the key from the lock. If the key is only partially broken, break it completely.

Use your thumb to rotate the lock to the “insert key” position.

Clean the lock and add some lubrication to make the key removal easier.

Buy a lock removal tool or get a long narrow object that has a small hook at one end.

Insert the tool and twist it towards the broken fragment inside the lock.

Carefully pull out the broken fragment until you can remove it with your hand.

Can you duplicate a broken key?

Yes, you can. Once you have removed the broken parts of the key from the ignition or lock, a locksmith can put the parts together to cut a brand new replacement key. The chip from the old key will then be removed and placed in the new key. This way, you will be able to unlock, lock and start your car normally.

Where can you repair key fobs?

A professional locksmith who specializes in car key repairs Belfast and full key programming can help in repairing your key fob. If your key fob is broken or damaged, you might be unable to have access to your car or even start the car. Therefore, it is important that you get the best car key repairs Belfast specialist to help you with issues like this.

Call 24-hour Belfast Locksmith on 078 6652 2422 whenever you get into fixes that have to do with your car key or lock.