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Your external doors serve two purposes – making your house look good and keeping your home secure. Usually, when most people are looking to purchase new doors, they focus mostly on the price of the doors and the appearance of the door. But these are not as important as how secure the door is and how well it can keep intruders out of your home. These factors are especially important when buying French doors which are usually big and are made with mostly glass.

French doors have huge frames, and the glass is doubled all the time, which means the level of security is high. In spite of the robust frames and double glazing, the handle and locking mechanism of the door must be of the best quality. , and if your French door is an older model, the handle or lock may not be of modern standards,  and you may need to have your French door locks replaced Belfast.

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Why should you have your French door locks replace Belfast?

The most common reason why you may need your French Door Locks replaced Belfast is if the door handle or lock is broken. Your French door gets used a lot, and since it is the door at the entrance of your home, it constantly is exposed to the elements. These factors are bound to affect the functionality of your French door locks at some point in time which may warrant requiring you to change the lock.

You might also have to change your door handles if you are looking to change the look of your old French door and make it look fresh. A new handle will save you a lot of money, and the change will be easily obvious as well. Replacing door handles does not take time, so if you would like to revamp your home’s exterior, a good idea is to change your French door handle. If you are also looking at security, changing your door handle can also help you achieve this. There are different types of door handles with varying levels of security. The modern ones are more advanced and secure than the older ones. Their locks are more robust; they have double locking systems; are generally stronger, secure and harder to break into. The exterior doors of your house should keep your mind at rest every time you are away from home. You need to be able to be away from your home and be rest assured that your door can withstand any attempt to force it open.

Types of French door Locks

For you French doors, you will find different types of lock that you can use. Find out the one that suits you the most;

  • Key-Operated Locks (Top and Bottom) – These are most commonly used on patio doors.
  • Key-Operated Locks (Central Rail) – These are found on patio doors and not exactly peculiar to only French doors. They are however more secured than basic locks.
  • Key-Operated Locks (Multi-Point Locking Systems) – This type of lock is the most secure type of lock you can use for your French door. The rim-locking system bolts the door securely into the door frame or the supporting door. This makes it very difficult for intruders or burglars to force the door open.

How to have your French door locks replaced Belfast

For your exterior French doors, there are usually two doors, latched to each other, which open away from each other outwards. The doors are not latched to the door frame; therefore, you make sure you use a secure locking mechanism so that no one will find it easy to force the doors open.

The two doors each have their handles where one is active while the other one is a dummy handle. The active handle houses the lock while the lock is held in place by the dummy handle. First, you need to decide where the active handle will be then you identify the lock cylinder pin. The cylinder pin is a long piece of metal that goes through the door to the other side. Turn it anti-clockwise if you will have the active handle on the right and clockwise if you would like to have the operating handle on the left door.

You can create new holes in the doors if they are new and if there are existing handles, the holes might just fit. If the holes don’t fit, you can make use of the hole-boring template to know where you will bore the holes. The holes you will need include two holes for the latch and the lock mechanism, and one for the doorknob. The locking mechanism hole will hold the actuator slot on the active door. Put the lock bolt in the door’s edge through the hole and connect to the actuator. You may have to insert the bolt before the actuator depending on the handle design, so you have to follow the instructions in the user manual.

You will then have to position the face plate on the door and pass the lock cylinder pin through the actuator slot. The process of attaching the face plate to the door involves screwing it into position then you will need to screw the inner plate after sliding it over the lock cylinder pin. Then attach each of the handles and screw them tightly with a set screw.

Take the latching mechanism and slide it through the latch hole in the edge of the door. Screw the plates, including the outer plate securely. The outer plate is the one that covers the locking mechanism and latch. Test both the latch and lock to see if they both work properly and tighten all the plates.

Having your French door locks replaced Belfast can be a simple task if you follow the instructions to the letter but to save yourself the stress, you can contact a locksmith in Belfast instead. Emergency Locksmith Belfast can help you deal with issues like this. All you have to do is put a call through to 07866 522 422 today.


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