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What do you do when you lose your Car Keys in Belfast?

Losing your car keys is one of the most sudden headaches a car owner is going to ever experience. The truth is you will never be prepared for it, and when it happens, instead of moping, you should be thinking about finding a solution. What is the next thing to do about lost car keys Belfast? Of course, get a locksmith Belfast to help you out.

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For emphasis, we will reiterate the importance of having a spare key for not only your house but your car and all other important keys that you carry about with you. Losing your car keys is not a fun experience and can ruin a perfect day. You will find yourself unable to get into your car or drive your car, and you could be stranded if you do not have any means of leaving where you are. In some cases, it might even be an emergency and life-threatening situation such as a kid locked in the car or one of such things. So, what should you do in a lost car keys Belfast situation?

Well, first off, panicking will do you no good. Staying calm will go a long way in helping you gather your thoughts. First figure out the type of key you lost.

  1. What type of key did you lose?

The type of key you lost is valuable information that the locksmith will ask from you. There are different types of keys depending on your car make, and the year it was made. The following are the different types of car keys we have; Transponder key, Keyless Entry Remote, and Traditional Keys. This will help the locksmith know what exactly to prepare for and what you need.

So, if you lose your car key and you have no spare, let’s go through the following steps that might get you out of this unfortunate situation.

  1. Search your immediate surroundings.

This is why you need to be calm once you find out your car key is missing. Keeping calm will allow you to focus and pay attention to the things that matter. Immediately you notice your key is missing, check your immediate surroundings to be sure that your keys are indeed lost. Retrace your steps and remember the places that you have been to in the last few hours. You can go back to those places to see if you did not drop your car key there. We have seen one too many cases of people who forget to pick up their car keys from a place, and they already concluded that their car key was lost. This will save you time and money.

  1. Check your car

If your car key did not drop on the ground around you and you had checked the restaurant you ate last, your house, office or any other place that you have been to before you noticed the key missing, the next place to check is inside your car. You may have locked your keys in the car due to forgetfulness. If you find your key in your car, you will have less headache to deal with. You only have to contact a locksmith in Belfast to help you get out the key.

  1. Get the necessary information about your car.

For a locksmith to help you with your lost car keys Belfast, they will need to have details about your car as this information is what they will use to get you the key that will help the situation. You also need to be able to tell them the type of key your vehicle uses whether it is a traditional key or transponder key. You also have to be specific about your car model and brand as well as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your car so that the locksmith can know the type of key to provide.

  1. Do not ignore cost and reliability.

It is normal sometimes to be influenced by how much something costs and not pay attention to how reliable or dependable that thing is. Of course, you could find the most cost-effective means to change your car keys, but you have to make sure the key you want to get will last you for a long time to come. Your car keys are about the most important security feature of your car, so, while getting your keys replaced, make sure it is done well with quality method and materials. Do not because you are in a hurry to replace your car keys, ignore security.

  1. Request for a spare key.

After getting a locksmith to get you out of your lost car keys Belfast situation, you can take a breath of relief that you can get into your car very soon. However, make use of the opportunity to ask for a spare key to be made. The importance of have spare car keys cannot be ignored; anything can happen anytime, and if you have extra keys, you will have to worry less. Ignore how much you might have to spend if your car keys are the type that needs to be programmed to work for your car. It will be worth it in the long run, and you would be thankful you decided to make spare keys.


Nobody is perfect for sure, and anybody can lose their car keys at any time, but if you lose your car keys and you don’t have a spare, we hope that this article has shed light on the best ways to deal with such situation. If you have not experienced this and you got to read this article, then good for you. We hope you don’t lose your car keys and well, if it happens, we are just a phone call away. Call 07866 522422 if you are in a lost car keys Belfast situation, and a locksmith will come to your rescue. If it is an emergency situation, call the appropriate emergency services first then call us if our service is still needed.


What do you do when you lose your Car Keys in Belfast?

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