We have all at one time, or the other in our lives lost our keys or locked them in the house or car, and as a 24-hour Locksmith Belfast, we have witnessed it all. It’s not only embarrassing, but it is also frustrating, and it is not a situation that anybody enjoys. Imagine you have been out all day, tired, hungry and sleep-deprived, then you get home to find out that you have been locked out of your house or have misplaced your keys. It’s not the first time, and you want to put an end to it for good. Or if it’s your first time, you certainly never want to experience that another time. So, what do you do? We’ve put together a couple of time that you probably never thought about.

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Get a Lanyard and Keychain

Not misplacing your key has nothing to do with being careful; losing keys happen to the best of us. But keys are more effectively kept if they are attached to things that are difficult to lose. Attach a lanyard or something large to your key – something that you can feel on you at all times whether you’re walking or sitting so that if your key isn’t with you, you would be able to feel it’s absence. You can also get a bright keychain to make your key stand out and make it easier to find in the midst of a lot of other things.

Get a home for your keys.

Having a specific place to drop your keys in your house will help you get used to keeping your keys in specific places. Make a habit to keep your keys in the same spot every day. Some people have a bowl or key-hanger at their front doors, so it’s easy to drop when they get home and pick up on their way out.

Also, you have to make conscious efforts of taking note of your keys before closing your house or car door if it is possible for you to lock your keys inside. Here’s one way to go about it: Mention the word “Keys” to yourself every time you are about to step out of or lock any door. If you do this always, you will in no time stop forgetting those keys.

lost keys belfast

Make copies of your keys.

Making copies of your keys is never a bad idea as long as you keep the copies safe and out of reach of anybody else. It is easy to make copies of standard keys; it is something that can be done by 24-hour locksmith Belfast. It is not expensive and takes little time to do. Within 24 hours, you should already have your set of spare keys. Copying a metal key costs lesser than copying a key fob but whatever you spend on making copies of your keys will be worth it someday if it happens that you lock yourself out of your home or car.

Your spare keys should, however, be kept in places that are convenient, safe and easily accessible. You can keep your spares in your desk at work or with trusted family members who live close to you. This way, if anything happens to your keys, you can quickly go and get the spare keys. You should note the kind of people you would leave your keys with though as whoever you leave them with will have access to your things. So you need to make sure you can completely trust them and well, if anything happens to your stuff, you would be able to hold them accountable.

You never can tell when you would need those extra set of keys and you would be glad you made copies if all you have to do to gain access into your house is to phone a friend, or more preferred, a family member.

Have a strategy and stick to it.

An excellent strategy that works is to always think about your keys before opening or stepping out of any door. Through all your daily activities in your house, your car or any other room, think ahead. Think about stepping out of the door even before stepping out, ask yourself, “are my keys with me?” Check if they are in your pocket and try and remember when last you saw the keys. A well-thought-out strategy of keeping your keys in mind does not fail. A lot of people forget to pick up their keys even if it is in plain sight and this is because they don’t have the keys in mind. Having your mind wander around to your keys will no doubt keep you prepared ahead of any inconvenience that might arise from misplacing or dropping your key. Foresight is a great virtue that will help you a lot when it comes to handling your house keys and car keys.

If you can’t help forgetting your keys, you should not forget our number.

“Live and let live” is quite a popular saying. We do not expect everyone to be the same; and while we have people who effortlessly remember everything that matters, we have those who will forget one or two things every day. That is all right, we understand, and that is why your 24-hour Locksmith Belfast is here for you.

If you are the forgetful type, and it so happens that you lock yourself out of your home or car, we will make ourselves available, swing by and save the day like your “locksmith with shining keys.” Within a short time, you can go about your daily business as if nothing happened. But this will not happen if you don’t call us, and you sure cannot call us without our phone number. So, for your 24-hour Locksmith Belfast, call the number 07866 522422. You are probably imagining the possibility of needing our services right now. Why don’t you save the number to get started? And give us a call whenever, and the best 24-hour Locksmith Belfast will come to your aid right away.


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