Common Social Media Activities that can put Your home at Risk

Mark Burns  —  November 22, 2020 — Leave a comment

Social media platforms have literally changed the world of communications and business in countless ways.

It has made it possible to connect with people, to keep up to date with events and to occasionally suffer from oversharing anxiety.

One of the drawbacks of social media is that if you are not careful with the information you post you can be putting yourself and your home in danger.

Burglars can learn a lot about you by reading your status, checked in places, and pictures. They can know :

  • Where you live
  • What you own
  • When you are not home
  • Where your next vacation is

It may be hard to believe but posting a simple picture of your new Christmas gift on Facebook can put you at risk.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind now, during the festive season.

These tips are relevant all year round and with them in mind you can continue using the social platforms without exposing yourself and your home to unnecessary risks.

1.Checking in in Real Time

Social media websites such as Facebook have special check-in features that allow you to tell your followers where you are and what you are doing. Whether you’re at a shopping centre, hotel, restaurant, or any other place, by checking in, you reveal your location.

This can be dangerous and can let burglars know you are away from home.

2.Share pictures of expensive items

Never share pictures of expensive items on social media.

 Of course it’s fun showing off expensive items, but is it worth risking your family’s and home’s security? You may simply be tempting a burglar.

3.Sharing a room layout

Sharing pictures that show your home’s interior can be dangerous. This can let burglars easily find out what your home looks like, how the furniture is arranged, and what valuables are inside.

Having a picture of your home’s interior can let a burglar plan a route for breaking-in.

4.Sharing your traveling plans

It’s exciting telling everyone on Facebook about your traveling plans.

But the risks that come with this shouldn’t be ignored.

Apart from your friends, burglars may also be reading your status updates and vacation countdowns, waiting for you to leave so they can make their move.

Extra tip. Do this right now.

Every social media website offer users control over who can see their statuses, pictures, and other social media activities.

You can limit your statuses and updates to a limited audience instead of going public.

By following these steps you can avoid becoming a target to unwanted intruders.

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