Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Key Duplication and Key Types

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Key Duplication

key duplication

The process of key duplication refers to the process of creating another key based on the key on hand. The process of “cutting” refers to the actual removal of material or the shaping of material that makes up the key. “Cutting” is the main method used to create a duplicate key and is done worldwide.

Essentially, the process is a matter of placing the key on hand in a vise while adding a “blank” at the other end of a guide used to align the two keys. The blank is moved along a grinding or “cutting” wheel that is made to be an exact duplicate of the original. The new key is then deburred, scraped or sanded to remove burrs. These small pieces of the key can prevent the key from working, so they must be removed immediately. In addition, without the removal of burrs the key would have sharp edges that would cut the user. Further, these burrs could break off and foul the inside of a lock. Tumblers can be enmeshed by the shards of metal and be rendered useless.

You may find key duplication happening in hardware stores, “big box” stores, individual retailers and locksmith mobile vehicles or shops. The cost is minimal for the duplication of house, free standing buildings, and older automobiles. You may even find key duplicators online these days.

Sometimes locksmiths will use a punch machine to duplicate keys. This type of duplication is more labor intensive and requires the locksmith to be highly trained and skillful. However, the knotches made by the punch can actually be more precise and the margins/depth of the knotches will not wear as much as keys that are ground. Further, the original key is not needed for this duplication process if the placement and depth of the knotches are known beforehand. Often, large institutions prefer this method as these demensions are known throughout the property and variety of keying is kept to a minimum to prevent theft and breakins of undesirables.

Using the punch machine method requires the key being duplicated have the depth of each notch measured with a depth gauge. The key is then placed in a holder that also contains a numeric slider. This slider is adjusted to match the measurements taken by the craftsman. The lever is pressed and this cuts the knotch. When the lever is raised the key advances to the next indexed/marked position and the punch cuts the next knotch. This process is repeated until the key is completed.

A dual cutting machine is sometimes used by locksmiths and hardware people. This machine allows for the duplication of both cylinder and mortise keys. A mortise lockset is a design for doors usually where a mortise lock is used inside a mortise at the edge of the door. They are usually more classical in nature and design. A cylinder key and lock system involve pin tumbler locks inside a cylinder that can be removed by the locksmith. This is handy as the cylinder can be changed without changing the bolt or other hardware.

A sensitive area of locksmithing surrounds the category of key known as the DND or Do Not Duplicate. The key might also say “duplication prohibited.” This is a category of key designated by the manufacturer to be used as a deterrent to dissuade retail key duplicators from offering this service to the general public. This key is not suppose to be duplicated unless the person needing the key has the appropriate authorization. It is a key control system that is often overridden by stand alone key duplicators found in “big box” stores. The stand alone machine does not “read” the master key and simply reproduces whatever is inserted in the slot found at the front of the machine. In addition, some store employees will just accommodate the customer to make the sale and overlook the words “Do Not Duplicate” clearly written on the key.

Restricted keys are then the way to go! This key comes with restricted levels of sales and the distribution into the public retailers and locksmiths. They are protected by a patent. Any customer may be asked to provide identification before the locksmith will provide the duplicating service. A restricted key may also be sold with magnets, computer chips, and manufactured with a variety of metals.

Key Types

Berlin Key

Berlin Key

The Berlin key is designed with two key blades. One blade is at each end of the key. The key was designed so that the user must retrieve the key after the door is locked. This ensures the locking of the door. After the door is unlocked, the key must be pushed through the lock and retrieved on the other side of the door. This kind of design makes the retrieval of the key impossible unless the door is locked again. In 1912, Johannes Schweiger created this key and the Albert Kerfin and Co began its manufacture.



Car Key

old car key

The car key is a key to the automobile that can open/close and start the vehicle. They are usually symetrical in design and contain grooves that activate the locking mechanism. In addition, the key can open the glove compartment and the trunk. More recently, car keys are designed with coded immobilizers that prevent theft by not allowing entry without a code or starting of the engine.



Skeleton Key

skeleton key

The skeleton key may be used in several kinds of locks and is usually viewed as a master key. The sharp or serrated edge of the key is removed. It is a key that has been reduced to the essentials such as the teeth at the end that innervate and operate the tumblers of a lock.



Smart Key

smart key

A smart key is an electronic device that functions as an authorization and deterent system. It is the standard these days in new car sales and has been a significant advancement in the security of vehicles. The key is kept in the owners pocket and is used to open, close and start the vehicle. A button is pressed to unlock, another to lock. The automobile may often be started remotely using this kind of system.

This system is also handy because it can remember settings such as steering wheel position, mirror placement, climate control, seat position, and stereo preferences.



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