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Why Garage Doors?

Locksmiths are concerned with the locks placed inside doors. They concern themselves with all the locks that are used in your home. Houses have many kinds of doors. There are front and back doors, doors to attics, doors to outlying buildings and in this case we focus on the concerns related to probably the biggest door in your house…the garage door.

That garage door goes up and down countless times during its lifetime and understanding some of the things it needs to maintain its ability to enclose your garage is important and will save you money in the long run.

We like to install things and let them do what they do for us. However, the garage door will require certain maintenance procedures over time. Here are some tips to keep it operating in a suitable manner.

The garage door is the most often used door and is the largest one as well. Keeping it in good shape will leave you confident that area of the home is secure.

Keep An Eye On It

Inspect the door as you come and go. Every now and then when you are entering or exiting the garage give the door a good looking over. Notice if there are any odd sounds being emitted from parts that may have come loose or fasteners that have lost their ability to hold over time.

Don’t wait until a disaster happens like the garage door getting stuck when you are tired and just want to get inside the garage. If you have a maintenance plan with the installer of the door, then by all means take advantage of that. If you did not purchase a maintenance plan, then getting your local locksmith involved is your next option.

Inspect the Locks

Burglars will attempt to gain access through the garage either entering the windows or tampering with the garage door locking mechanism. The lock in the garage door is a critical component that can keep evil doers from gaining access to your home and meaningful possessions. Because garage doors can be around for decades, the locks inside them will begin showing the use and replacing them from time to time is a good idea. These locks may also be easily broken so special consideration must be given them over time.

Check with the supplier or manufacturer of your garage door before purchasing a new lock. Consult with your local locksmith to learn about the latest developments in this area of home security. You will be surprised what has happened in this area!

Tighten Up Things

If you open the garage door in the morning to get out and open it again in the afternoon or evening to get back in…..and if we consider there are 365 days in a year….365 x 2 =730 times per year at a minimum the door goes up and down in its tracks. If you add in the times you just open the garage door during the week to retrieve a tool, do some handiwork or clean the area then you have a door that may well be opening and closing over 1000 times in one year.

Each of those openings and closings create a situation where nuts, bolts, fasteners and pulleys may become loose. Keeping these kinds of things tightened will ensure the door is working at peak levels and not becoming a safety hazard for the members of your family. Breakage at inopportune times is limited if all moving parts are tightened according to the manufacturer’s standards.

Check the Cables

If your garage door contains cables, chains or wires of any kind you will want to inspect them for fraying, dents, and potential breakage points. It is often beyond the scope and experience of a homeowner to know exactly what can produce a break in a cable. Call your local locksmith and let him take a look at the situation. They have experience with various metals and cables. They will be able to recommend correct thicknesses and tensile strength to keep your door safe.

Lubrication is Necessary

You will want to purchase a lubricant of good quality. Again, consult with the manufacturer or your local locksmith to see what kind of lubricant is recommended. Some possibilities will be WD-40 Specialist, 3 in 1 Garage Door Lubricant, Lubrimatic Lithium Grease, 3 in 1 Silicone, and 3 in 1 mineral multipurpose oil.

A good rule of thumb is to lubricate at least every 3 months. This will go a long way in keeping all the parts operating smoothly and decrease the number of faulty, mechanical breakdowns over the lifespan of the door.

Keep it Clean

Keeping anything clean does several things. A clean mechanical part can be inspected precisely and determinations made related to length of life and possible replacement. If an item is clean of debris, dirt and grime then it will operate more smoothly and last longer. A clean garage door adds to the aesthetics of your home. Rust and rotting can be prevented if garage doors are kept clean.



Belfast Locksmith Garage Door Services

Some of the services offered by locksmiths related to garage doors include;

+Creating new keys for garages

+Overhead garage door repair of locks

+Reprogramming garage door transponders and remotes

+Repair or replacement of keypad locks

It has been determined that over 70% of homeowners enter their home through the garage area. This places an even more profound importance on keeping these locks in top shape.

Some of the kinds of locks used in and around the garage area include;

T-Handle Locks: This lock is operated by a handle shaped like the letter “T.” There is a cable system attached by two bolts that are released with the “T” handle is turned.

Slide Locks: This lock is also known as a latch lock and uses a latch that slides from the garage door into a hole inside the track.

J Arm Locks: Most every modern garage door comes with this pre-installed. An operator arm can be locked when the door is closed. This device ensures the door cannot be opened.

Electronic Locks: The market is full with various electronic locks. They can be operated from computers and cell phones from remote locations.

Think of your garage area as important as any other area of your home. Employ the services of a local locksmith. The technician can help you keep your garage area secure and operating in a safe way. Locksmiths can also recommend which lock is appropriate for your situation.

At we will inspect your garage door and the associated hardware. We want your home safe and suggesting appropriate locks will be part of the inspection.


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